Comprehensive Consulting Services for Manufacturing Success

The JDL Consulting Group can secure a reliable USA-based manufacturer for your products or help you expand your own manufacturing capacity. We understand how important it is to avoid the ongoing global supply chain issues and material shortages that are disrupting product development efforts and creating production capacity challenges throughout the converting industry. That is why we offer a wide range of consulting services to fit virtually every manufacturing scenario.

Our specific areas of market segment expertise include:

  • Wet wipes, from water purification and blending, to converting and packaging
  • Chemical solution blending
  • Tissue converting
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging

Our Services

Moving production onshore can be the answer to your budgetary constraints and production capacity limitations. Costs involved with overseas production and transportation continue to rise, and it can be difficult to find USA-based contract manufacturers if you don’t know the market.

We work to identify domestic manufacturing sources that have the capacity to meet your needs and quality that aligns with your brand’s promise.

We represent and source American-made and European packaging equipment for multiple markets. Your production efficiencies begin with high-quality equipment, and our experts have the industry knowledge to identify equipment manufacturers that can deliver the assets you need.

Expansions to existing manufacturing facilities as well as new greenfield projects require wide-ranging levels of expertise to bring to fruition. The JDL Consulting Group’s team of experts ensures your facility is exactly what you need, inside and out.

We deliver turn-key building projects from conceptualization, budget development, full-service construction through building project completion. Our designers, project managers, engineers, estimators and coordinators leverage a comprehensive knowledge base to provide board-level intelligence so you can make the best decisions.

In addition, we offer design phase agreements that allow you to invest in one phase of a project at a time. This arrangement gives you the flexibility to progress though a project in phases, with decision gates at the end of each phase.

Your facility should be adaptable to your manufacturing growth and development needs for years to come. You can trust JDL Consulting Group’s experienced team to evaluate potential growth and expansion possibilities and integrate those possibilities into your master design for a flexible future.

Our expertise in the design and implementation of production processes enables our clients to maximize floor space and equipment investments. In addition to coordinating the design team and sourcing appropriate devices, we provide the programming necessary for your machines to communicate with each other for peak performance.

We have the ability to complete front-to-back total line integrations as well as work with your team to add specific machines or optimize subprocesses.

You can count on our team to deliver any or every element of your manufacturing project including:

  • Equipment procurement
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Process improvements
  • Commissioning
  • Training assistance