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The JDL Consulting Group provides converting industry expertise

Expert team specializes in capacity sourcing, equipment acquisition, process improvements

Converting industry veteran Jim Livermore leads a national team of experts that are equipped to help companies navigate the complex world of USA-based contract sourcing, equipment acquisition, and other aspects of the business through services provided by The JDL Consulting Group. The group’s new website, found at, features services that help customers succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The JDL Consulting Group’s primary areas of expertise include facility design and construction, start-up leadership, in-house production expansion, domestic capacity sourcing, and process upgrades and optimization. Streamlined communication and simplified billing enhance the group’s collaborative model.

“We have assembled an all-star team of experts that understands the converting industry and is capable of delivering solutions for a wide range of challenges,” Livermore says. “Onshoring contract manufacturing is a major initiative today, and we have the contacts to bring that production back to the USA.”

A proven success record and wide-ranging converting industry experience

The JDL Consulting Group features a diverse collection of experts with experience in multiple areas of the converting industry. This includes active participation in the tissue and wet wipe sectors, ownership of converting and equipment packaging operations, and extensive knowledge in dealing with material suppliers.

Specific areas of expertise for the JDL Consulting Group include: wet wipes, including water purification and blending, converting and packaging; chemical solution blending; tissue converting; food and beverage packaging; pharmaceutical packaging; and custom manufacturing projects.

“Our team collaborates with clients and each other to deliver successful, profitable projects,” Livermore says. “We focus on developing sound manufacturing solutions that fall within our clients’ budget parameters.”

About The JDL Consulting Group

The JDL Consulting Group offers converting industry expertise for companies interested in onshoring their contract manufacturing, as well as active converters looking to start or expand their own capacity through equipment purchases or process improvements. Led by industry veteran Jim Livermore, The JDL Consulting Group collaborates with customers to help them achieve their manufacturing objectives.

Visit or connect with Jim Livermore at 844-MFG-IN-US (844-634-4687) to discuss your company’s converting objectives.